Thinking of installing or upgrading to a new frameless shower enclosure? We can help!

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal of a frameless shower door, there are many unseen benefits.

Firstly, no one can dispute the fact that a frameless shower door is far superior when it comes to overall cleanliness. With the custom glasswork flush to the tile, there is no need to worry about corrosive metal staining your tile. And without the trackwork of a standard shower door, there are alot less places for muck, grime, and buildup to hide. A simple swipe of your dollar store squeegee is all you need to prevent water spots and buildup!

The streamlined simplicity of your new shower door also increases the value of your biggest investment: your home. After all, as any realtor will tell you, the bathroom and kitchen are usually a home’s biggest selling points. The chic minimalist look of a customer shower door also allows the intricacies of your tile work to be seen and appreciated.

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